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APBA Computer Baseball League

The ACBL is a retro baseball league using Baseball for Windows, LMPT and AIM. The league began in 1999 with the 1930 season and is now playing the 1965 season. It also began backwards play with the 1929 season in 2015 and is now currently playing the 1917 season.  It is a continuous ownership league without the evils of the designated hitter, free agency, steroids or labor disputes.  Ken Kuryliw's Selkirk Steelers won the 1918 World Series and Phil Preston's Corleone Family won the 1964 World Series.

Random Players Baseball League

The RPBL is a 14 team baseball league founded in 2000, is currently playing its 31st season and is not your usual type of Baseball for Windows league.  The RPBL creates its draft talent pool for each season by creating randomly chosen players from MLB's past using the Bill James Electronic Baseball Encyclopedia and the Wizard program.  Teams are allowed to keep 12 players from season to season and those 12 are created based on a randomly chosen season from their career. Ken Kuryliw's Selkirk Steelers were the 2030 RPBL champions.


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