1969 ACBL MicroManagers


Click on each link below to download the MicroManager file that you need:

Team                MicroManager

Bradenton           Judge Griffith
Santa Barbara       Buck Miller IV 
Pennsylvania        Hack Gilbert II
Corleone            Hack Gilbert II
Evanston            Buck Miller IV
Stone Creek         Duke Robinson, Jr.
Chicoutimi          Judge Griffith

Ideal Beach         Grady Michaels
Palouse             Judge Griffith
Dunbar              Judge Griffith
Waukesha            Hack Gilbert II
Grand Rapids        Hack Gilbert II
Long Island         Cap Spalding IV
Selkirk             Hooks Foreman
Westside            Judge Griffith 
New York            Sparks Cinqueman
Curbside            Buck Miller IV

Hunt Valley         Hack Gilbert II
New England         Hack Gilbert II

West Deer           Judge Griffith